E3 is Unofficially Here: Our Summer Game Fest 2021 Roundup

Summer Game Fest's Kickoff Live! event promised its own showing of special guests, announcements, updates and world premiere reveals. Missed the event? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our roundup of the event's biggest talking points...

Disney+ Loki

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now claim a free 30-day Disney+ trial

Wednesdays are usually hump days. Anyone with a full-time job knows this. Luckily, the fine folks over at Marvel are looking to do something about it with the launch of its brand-new series, Loki. Anyone with a Disney+ membership has likely already gobbled down this liquid television gold, but now so can anyone that subscribes...

Biomutant background

Game Review: Biomutant

Biomutant is a more inventive take on the open-world format where player creativity and customisation is encouraged. But can this zany adventure live up to the sum of its Frankenstein parts? Find out in our review.

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