How to play The Outer Worlds on day one for just 79p

Just in case you hadn’t heard, one of the biggest RPG games of 2019 is due to release this Friday in Obsidian Software’s highly anticipated The Outer Worlds. A spiritual successor to the likes of Fallout and Knights of the Old Republic by the very developers who worked on those games, The Outer Worlds looks to be a much zanier, more fun take on the sprawling space opera.

Purchasing the game on day one would typically set you back somewhere in the region of £49.99 but using this clever loophole you can get started for as little as 79p. You see, The Outer Worlds has been confirmed to launch day and date on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service, where members are granted instant access to a library of over 100 games for one low, monthly price. Why pay close to £50 when you can play The Outer Worlds on day one for a lot less?

The typical price for a one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass is £7.99, but right now CD Keys has digital download codes for the service listed at only 79p. This will give anyone who plays on Xbox One or PC day one access to The Outer Worlds for as much as a month, which should be more than enough time to experience the game in all its glory. Early reviews suggest that a standard playthrough works out as roughly 30 hours long – that’s a lot of game for less than £2.

So, if you want to have one month’s access to play The Outer Worlds for this incredible price, don’t delay and make the most of this offer below:

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