Our Favourite Minecraft Creations

Even if you haven't played Minecraft, it's likely that you have heard of it, most likely from an obsessed friend or child.

It's seeped into popular culture; it's videos currently dominate YouTube, Deadmau5 referenced it in his performances, Lady Gaga used it for a music video and South Park dedicated an entire episode to it. Even Boris Johnson took to Minecraft to promote the London games festival. It's also the third most popular video game of all time, ahead of greats like Super Mario.

If you've been living under a rock since 2009; Minecraft is a first-person sandbox game where there are no rules. People create their own experience by crafting tools and using blocks to build whatever their imagination can create.

The two type of Minecrafters

Generally, there is two type of players on Minecraft (we'll ignore the destructive players). The creatives generally enjoy exploring and building epic constructs with every material available to them from the beginning while 'purists' are only interested in builds completed in Survival Mode; where every block must be mined, processed and placed manually.

The Creations

Regardless of their playstyle, Minecraft players have come up with some amazing creations. Here are a pick of our favourites:

gallery link="file" ids="uploads/2016/02/mario.jpg|No this isn't just a creation of Mario, three guys spent over 500 hours and 18 million Minecraft blocks to create the first 2 minutes and 20 seconds of the game.,uploads/2016/02/Hanging-City.jpg|Not much is known about this Hanging City, but it looks impressive.,uploads/2016/02/Working-16-Bit-Computer.jpg|This is truly impressive. This working 16 bit computer has 256 bytes of ROM, 32 bytes of RAM and a 250 millihertz clock.,uploads/2016/02/56.-Kings-Landing-Game-of-Throne.jpg|You won't see more dedication to a cause than this perfect rendition of Kings Landing from Game of Thrones. There are over 3000 separate buildings alone.,uploads/2016/02/Hogwarts.png|We've no idea how much time and how many blocks went into creating this perfect replica of Hogwarts, but it must have been lots.,uploads/2016/02/Wembley.jpg|If only the England team could show the same passion and dedication as the creator of this Minecraft version of Wembley Stadium did.,uploads/2016/02/96.-City-of-Adamantis.jpg|The creator of this epic scene spent 3 months moving over 60 million blocks into place.,uploads/2016/02/Tower-bridge.jpg|Who doesn't know the iconic London landmark that is Tower Bridge? This Minecraft creation is so detailed you'd think it was the real thing.,uploads/2016/02/minis-tirith.jpg|Fans of J R Tolkein's 'The Lord of the Rings' will recognise Minis Tirith in an instant.

The site that guards against the threat of Mordor has been recreated in incredible detail." orderby="rand"

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