Nintendo Wii U Interface Sneak Peak

By Tom Stowe

Wii U Interface shown by Nintendo World Report video

The Nintendo Wii U has been on display in the city of New York in the Nintendo World Store where gamers have had the chance to test out the intriguing new console and just what exactly makes this a must have console.

The console User Interface has been talked about very little and no body is quite sure what to expect, thankfully some guys over at the Nintendo World Report had the chance to visit the store and took a video of the interface.

The Interface itself looks simple, easy to use, and fast to respond to a touch on the screen. You can scroll through all your games with a swipe over the gamepad and brings around game covers much like an ipods Cover flow.

The Nintendo Wii U will be released on the 30th November 2012, just in time for christmas. Check out our Nintendo Wii U Deals page for the latest pre-order bundles.