Nintendo Wii Price Slash

By Tom | | 830 |

Nintendo Wii Price Drop Ready for Sequel Console

Mario Wii Price Cut

Nintendo have announced that they are dropping the price of The Wii Console. Nintendo are trying to move stock ahead of the E3 unveiling of the Wii 2 in June next month and its release in 2012.

UK Retail prices are to drop by £50 next week and perhaps even more. The bundle pack with Wii Sports Resort and Mario Kart is estimated to cost around £130 and some retailers to offer £99 deal!

As well as the drop in price on the console a budget game range has been announced “Nintendo Selects” that are priced less than £20 that include: WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Mario Strikes Charged Football, Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and more.

This is only the second price reduction for the Wii since its launch in November 2006. This Will hopefully give Nintendo’s best selling console a new lease of life! At least while we wait for the Wii 2!

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