Nintendo Wii and DS: Christmas 2010 Games Line-Up

By Tom | | 474 |

With Christmas just around the corner it’s no surprise that Nintendo have released a sneak preview of their new title lists for both the Wii and the DS, with some coming to our stores very soon.

With the Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect set to give the Wii a run for its money this Christmas, it worth remembering that Nintendo were first to launch this kind of technology, and with an impressive list of new and improved games set to hit the shops soon, the sales should speak for themselves.

Nintendo is set to release a good mix of old favourites and new titles in time for the festive season. The much anticipated arrival of Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii is due to hit the shelves on December  1st.  Nintendo DS will also be rolling out some must have titles including Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Souls and Professor Layton and the Lost Future. Both are set for release in November and October 22nd respectively.

These are just a few examples of the entire Nintendo games list. This is set for release soon so keep your eyes peeled!