After just three years, Nintendo Switch has outpaced PS4’s Japanese sales

Despite releasing three years after Sony’s popular console, the Nintendo Switch has now officially outsold PS4’s sales in Japan.

That’s according to the latest figures reported in Japanese games mag Famitsu, which went on to reveal how PS4 unit sales stand at 8,077,756, compared the Nintendo Switch’s unit sales of 8,125,637. This gap will only continue to grow, especially considering how mobile-focused Japanese gamers are known to be.

To put this into context, the PS4 was released in Japan on 22nd February 2014 – a time when the words “Nintendo” and “Switch” were presumably just a glimmer in Reggie Fils Aimie’s eye. This gave Sony’s console a 36-month head start over the Switch, which, as it has now come to light, it has quickly caught up to. This isn’t to say that the PS4 is a failure by any stretch, just that dedicated console gaming is more popular than ever in Japan.

That being said, it’s no secret that with Japan’s ever evolving move towards handheld and mobile games platforms such as smartphones and, of course, the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 has turned its head elsewhere to find success. Here in the UK, for example, PS4 remains the best-selling console by a country mile when compared to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It still seems that Western players are still accustomed to Triple-A, home-based video game experiences.

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