The Nintendo Switch - OLED Model is out this Friday. Will I be able to get one on launch day?

As far as handheld/home console hybrids go, it’s hard to imagine it getting much better than the Nintendo Switch. With its collection of sensational first-party exclusives, inherent flexibility and relatively low cost, players who want to play games either at home or on the go are successfully being catered for.


That hasn’t stopped Nintendo itself from trying to improve on perfection, though, hence why it's about to release a new console SKU in the form of the Nintendo Switch OLED.

This new and improved edition of Nintendo’s device is set to release Friday 8th October 2021, which has left many players wondering whether they’ll have the chance to pick it up then. The good news is that the answer is yes, but that might not be the case as we edge closer to the holiday season. Yes, with Christmas and Black Friday around the corner, launch day (or even just before) is as good a time as any to pick up the Nintendo Switch OLED and avoid any disappointment.

These days it's rare that players have an opportunity to successfully purchase a console on its day of release. Because as recent examples like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have proven, usually stock sells out well ahead of time. Luckily, this doesn’t look to be the case with the Nintendo Switch OLED, which swaps out the original LCD display for a 7-inch OLED screen that is bigger, brighter, and able to portray colours more accurately. The reason it’s still wildly available is because it’s merely a simple console revision, rather than Nintendo kicking off the start of a new generation entirely.

So where in the UK will you be able to purchase a Nintendo Switch OLED on launch day?

Usual haunts like Currys PC World, AO and Very have unfortunately suffered from shortages, yet other retailers like Amazon, Argos, and even Nintendo itself are still taking orders. Better yet, most of the retailers mentioned are still offering the Nintendo Switch OLED in both colour choices: Neon and White. Friday will mark the first time a Switch console has been sold in the latter, so this one might take priority for players who prefer a clean look.

The last thing worth mentioning is that certain UK retailers, like the My Nintendo Store, are also listing the Nintendo Switch OLED as part of a bundle. It makes sense, considering that October 8th 2021 is also the day Metroid: Dread officially launches. It’s been touted as the perfect game to show off the OLED model’s improved screen. With the console set to release with an RRP of £309.99 and games around £49.99, it is well worth playing it smart and shopping around as both the game and console will be priced at a slight discount, compared with if they were purchased separately.

Are you planning on picking up a Neon Red + Blue or White Nintendo Switch OLED on launch day? For once it’s a prospect that’s actually possible. Below we’ll list both versions and any available bundles at the best price, so be sure to take advantage.

Nintendo Switch OLED - White


Nintendo Switch OLED - Neon Red + Blue

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