Nintendo X LEGO is a thing, but a related leak suggests that an imminent Nintendo Direct could reveal more

If you’ve been scanning the interwebs today you’ll likely have seen that, as part of the ongoing #Mar10 celebrations, Nintendo teased fans with an upcoming collaboration with LEGO. This tease came by way of a short video posted on Twitter, where what looks like a LEGO-ised Mario figurine is placed fully in the frame with an animated question block on his chest. The caption included simply read: “Something fun is being built! Stay Tuned.”

As typically happens, this began a rampant uproar of fan speculation across social media, with people left wondering whether this meant that a new Mario game was coming or possibly a new LEGO set… However, if all this confusion wasn’t enough, UK retailer GAME then added to the rumour mill by commenting on the collaboration on their official website. “Heard about the partnership between Lego and Nintendo,” the site text reads, before going on to address “the latest Nintendo Direct announced their exciting collaboration”. The only thing is, there was no such Direct.

Update: GAME has since removed all mentioned of the Direct, but the original text can be seen below


Does this mean that a new Nintendo Direct that will further explain this teased partnership is imminent? It’s not the craziest thing to think, especially since that it’s been a fair old while since we’ve had a Direct that doesn’t explicitly feature on just one game. Pokémon Sun and Moon received its own livestream towards the end of January, and just recently players got a new look at what to expect from Animal Crossing: New Horizon when it launches on March 20th.

It could merely be that GAME has simply jumped the gun a little, suggesting that the short Twitter tease was a sort of mini-Direct, but then we’ll admit that this is quite the stretch. Does GAME know something that we don’t? Only time will tell, but in the meantime this LEGO x Nintendo alliance certainly has gotten us excited regardless of the way it eventually manifests. In the meantime, we’ll keep you notified as soon as any related Nintendo Direct is announced.

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