Nintendo Announce a new Handheld – The 2DS

By Tom | | 829 |

A brand new version of the 3DS handheld console that plays both 3DS and DS games has just been announced. The Nintendo 2DS is designed to be affordable and a more durable console. The Nintendo 2DS will play every game available for both Nintendo 3DS and DS and is an unusual, almost door-wedge like shape. And amazingly this is the first DS that doesn’t actually fold!

The Nintendo 2DS is priced at $129.99 in the states and will be available on the 12th October the same day as the new Pokemon games, X and Y. Hopefully we can expect a Nintendo 2DS Pokemon bundle! Though no UK Price or release date has yet been announced, we’re sure it wont be to long until UK retailers start putting the console up for pre-order, we’ll keep an eye on it.

From what we know it will be available in Red and Blue versions!