Nintendo Announce 3DS XL

By Tom | | 639 |

Nintendo have just revealed a larger version of the handheld Nintendo 3DS and is to be released on 28th July

Nintendo 3DS XL

It took place during the Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo showed off the new 3DS XL system and gave us a price of around £179.99. It’s coming out on July 28th in the UK and retailers are already showing a keen interest in to the larger model.

Technical Specifications

The console’s top screen has been increased to 4.88 inches, and the lower screen 4.18 inches, both screens are over 90% large than the original Nintendo 3DS console. Though there are no graphical improvements as the screen resolution is the same.

The 3DS XL will measure 134 x 74 x 21mm, the battery life has been extended to 3.5 – 6.5 hours of game play off a single charge, it comes supplied with 4GB SD card. The system will come in Red or Blue and Europe will also receive a silver option.

Launch Games

To launch the 3DS XL there is also four new games lined up that will also arrive on July 28th. These include Kingdom of Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, New Art Academy and Freaky Forms Deluxe. Unfortunately nothing that really takes my fancy but I imagine the Kingdom of Heart and Final Fantasy games will be big hits in the Japanese market!

I wonder If the release of the new console will see the 3DS drop down in price again, maybe £99? Check back soon for the latest 3DS deals and 3DS XL deals!