Nintendo 3DS Price Slash

By Tom | | 810 |

Game Are offering A Nintendo 3DS Console with the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time for only £139.99 an absolutely astonishing deal as on release the same bundle cost £219.99! The Legend of zelda is the most sold game on the 3DS. You can also grab a 3DS without any games for as cheap as 129.99

Nintendo’s latest console the 3DS has had a massive 40% price drop last week, just what the 3DS needed after the sales targets on release was not met. Although no uk sales numbers have been released yet, in Japan it has boosted sales up by 10,000 units within a week, the second best week of sales since launch. Nintendo has just announced a new red model of the 3DS to be released in September as well as a number of great games to be released just in time for the Christmas rush, including star fox, super Mario World, Lugi’s mansion and many others.

Nintendo Conference

Nintendo has announced they will be holding a conference on the 13th of September focusing entirely on the 3DS. A marketing ploy for the upcoming holiday season to show off titles and software updates. 01net has sparked some interesting rumours, that the lack of a second thumbstick has ment that nintendo will be releasing a thumbstick add-on that will cost approximately $10. another rumours is that Nintendo will be releasing a new version of the 3DS hardware for release in 2012 and is the reason for the price cut, to liquidate the current stock so the “successor” will replace the current 3DS. These sources however may not be reliable and we will have to wait until the 13th of September to find out.

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