Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro

By Tom | | 670 |

After a disappointing release of the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo have being doing all they can to put the 3DS back on track, with a reduced price and an improved software line up the 3DS sales are generally increasing. With the release of the PS Vita around the corner Nintendo will still be fighting hard to top the handheld sales charts. There latest innovation is the brilliant Circle Pad Pro. To combat the Vita’s dual analog system the circle pad pro is a inexpensive add-on for the 3DS costing around £20 it clips on to the back of the 3DS providing a right hand analog stick and 2 extra shoulder buttons.

Comfortable but Ugly

Yes its not the best looking add on but Got a hands on preview of the circle pad and stated that it was extremely comfortable, the extra width and depth makes it much easier to hold like a more traditional game pad.

The additional analog sit at the same height as the original and feels natural and comfortable. The addition of two shoulder buttons is a great feature too: ZR and ZL buttons that give you four shoulder buttons all together.

The Circle Pad Pro connect to the 3DS by infra-red ports on both systems and fitting the system in is just a matter of squeezing in the console between some rubber grips. All controls are still accessible and lights visible apart from the game card slot and stylus which are covered by the case.

Power Up!

Unfortunately the circle pad pro is powered by a battery, but according to the manual one AAA battery will last for around 480 hours! Much better than charging it every 6 hours surely?! It is unfortunate that Nintendo didn’t take this opportunity to boost the power of the 3DS console itself as it has been an issue for many users. Set up of the CPP is done on a game to game bases, when loading each game you will be asked if you wish to use the CPP as long as the game supports it.

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