Nintendo 3DS – A Year On

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After the unbelievable success of the Nintendo DS, The 3DS was going to have a tough time to live up to its expectations. The original DS has sold a massive 13m units in the UK since its release in 2004.

Then on March the 25th last year, Nintendo released their 3DS. The 3DS got off to a shaky start when console sales figures fell far short of predictions. Slated for its lack of games at release the Nintendo began to turn things around with a steady increase of sales and has come a long way since its release.

After launch, the 3DS was labelled a “headache machine” by the Sun and was unjustly criticised. The high cost at release did not help in sales either costing around £230! When the 3DS did drop its price however Console sales were boosted incredibly and the 3DS Stormed into 2012 with millions of units of sales under its belt.

Also helped a long the way with an impressive line up of games including Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 already released and Luigi’s Mansions 2 and Mario Tennis on the way the its going to potentially face even more success in the future. Check out our 3DS deals page for the latest Nintendo 3DS Bundle.

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