New Xbox and Playstation at E3?

By Tom Stowe


So just after a week into the new year the rumours have already started about the reveal of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The Vet games news site "MCV" believe that the next generation console will definitely be shown at this years E3 in June, however the console manufacturers are still unsure.

The chief editor of MCV Michael French told the guardian that the information regarding the showcasing of these two consoles had come from a highly trusted source.

"A lot of people have suspected that Microsoft would show something," he said. "And what Sony has realised is that launching PS3 so long after the Xbox 360 meant that they were on the backfoot. If their closest rival steps up and does this forward thinking stuff, they need to be there too. If not, their industry partners will be asking, well, what about you?"

The only console that is 100% surely going to be at E3 is Nintendo's latest entry the Nintendo Wii U, although initial reactions to the console have been very mixed but Nintendo are packing it full of impressive features such as an app store, a supposed E-reader suggests

Sony rejected commenting on this report but said that there priorities were on working with the PS Vita and PS3 (which has only recently become a profitable console). Microsoft were unavailable for comment

The PS3 and Xbox 360 are now over five years old but are still very powerful and have aged very well. Both still have stunning HD visuals and the new Nintendo console will have comparable but slightly improved "New HD" graphics perhaps proving that the console still have a bit of juice left in them. There are some great after Christmas January bargains so head over to our PS3 Deals page and XBOX 360 deals page to find some brilliant bundles