New Super Mario Maker 2 update will let you create your own worlds

Just when you thought that the ability to craft your own Mario levels – in a range of classic Mario art styles – couldn’t get any better, Nintendo has just revealed a new update for Super Mario Maker 2 that will let you create, not just levels, but your own worlds too. The update is set to be rollout completely free for both new and existing players, granting them with the all-new World Maker mode, alongside new course parts, Koopaling characters, platforming items and more.

This certainly is the biggest update we’ve seen for Super Mario Maker 2 yet, and makes perfect sense as the next step to take in terms of shining a light on fresh user-created content. Go ahead and see for yourself in the new trailer below:

World Maker Mode will function similarly to how you make levels, seeing players utilise the player-friendly tools to slot courses they’ve already made along a top-down path which represents their world. You can even change the theme of the world to styles like Underground, Volcano and others. You’re able to store up to 8 worlds consisting of a total of 40 courses at any one time, ostensibly meaning that anyone is able to create their very own 2D Super Mario game.

The worlds you make will of course be able to be uploaded to Super Mario Maker 2’s server and shared with players all over the world. The best part is that players won’t even have to wait very long to get started, with World Maker Mode and all the other new features arriving as soon as Tomorrow – April 22nd, 2020. There’s simply never been a better time to prove your creative chops.

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