New Iron Man VR bundle announced, launches July 3rd and comes with two move controllers

While some people claim that PSVR doesn’t have any good games, those who own one know that this simply isn’t the case. Iron Man VR is boosting its way exclusively to the platform this 3rd July just to prove it, releasing simultaneously alongside this new bundle. Announced today over on the PlayStation Blog, it comes with a copy of the game and two move controllers - there’s no longer an excuse for PSVR players to miss out.

Setting players in the shoes of their very own trillion-dollar superhero suit, Iron Man VR casts you as the metal-clad hero needing to master the art of high flying as part of an original Marvel adventure. This is your chance to become Tony Stark and replicate his moves in a way never experienced before, facing off against his greatest foes. The new Iron Man VR PSVR bundle will retail for £84.99, and is quite clearly aimed at PSVR owners that own a headset, but not necessarily the move controllers.

Iron man VR’s unique style of play will see players use the move controllers to navigate the skies, shooting down enemies with these built-in repulsor jets. Plus, in addition to this bundle, a new demo has just gone up on the PSN store, so if you already have the controllers and want a taste of what to expect on 3rd of July you can.

Iron Man VR is one of 2020’s most high-profile virtual reality games of the year, coming exclusively to PSVR on 3rd July. Get the game on its own for the best pre-order price below:

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