NES Mini to return, SNES Mini production to continue into 2018

In two concurrent announcements that are certain to delight Nintendo fans the world over, the Japanese gaming giant has confirmed that two of the hottest products - gaming or otherwise - of recent years are set to become far more readily available.

Firstly, the SNES Mini, which launches later this month, has been confirmed as being sold into 2018. Pre-orders for the highly anticipated nostalgia console sold out almost instantly worldwide, and although Nintendo assured customers that more would be available on the shelves on September 29th, people were fearful that last year's rush on the NES Mini would be repeated. The situation with the demand for the NES Classic was compounded when Nintendo discontinued the device earlier this year, apparently after a single production run.

And that's where the second announcement comes in. As well as offering fresh hope for many that they'll be able to get a SNES Mini, Nintendo also confirmed that they are un-discontinuing the NES Mini with a planned launch in Summer 2018. Though we'd expect the SNES Mini to command higher levels of demand than its predecessor, this is still excellent news. The NES Mini's success took Nintendo completely by surprise, and the shortfall in supply led to resale prices skyrocketing. A renewed production run will help those still desperate to get their hands on a NES Classic to do so without having to pay exorbitant prices.

You can use our SNES and NES Classic Mini page to keep track of stock and get your hands on one of these consoles. Don't forget to check on September 29th when new stock for the SNES Mini is expected to drop!

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