A Monster Energy drink promotion may have revealed the Xbox Series X’s price

Microsoft’s tight-lipped approach with regards to Xbox Series X may now be starting to backfire, as a new Monster Energy drink promotion may have finally shone a light on the new console’s potential RRP. We’ll reveal the explicit details why in just a second, but if our maths ends up being correct, Microsoft’s next-gen console should retail in November for $539.99 (roughly £410). This would line up perfectly with analyst predictions.

How do we know this? Strangely, it’s all thanks to a marketing campaigned intended to promote Halo Infinite’s release. We obviously learned late last week that 343 Industries’ open-world FPS was delayed into 2021, but a new post on Monster Energy’s official site reveals a Halo: Infinite crossover stunt where 200 entrants could win an Xbox Series X console.

Drink and snack tie-ins are nothing new for Triple-A video games. After all, it was only a few weeks ago that Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War’s name was revealed via a Doritos pack. This sweepstake requires players to simply purchase a Monster Energy drink beginning September, where the terms and conditions of the promotion reveal that the valuation of the first-place competition prizes is $199,998. Divide that number by 200 and the figure you arrive at is $599.99.

So why is the Xbox Series X potentially $59.99 cheaper than that? Because Monster Energy is also bundling in a copy of the new Halo game, so you must account for this. That’s how you arrive at a prospective Xbox Series X RRP of $539.99. Question is: Could that price point tempt you into picking one up this holiday season?

Much like how Sony is handling PS5 messaging, Microsoft is yet to officially reveal the RRP for Xbox Series X. It’s been widely speculated that the two tech giants are engaging in a game of chicken, waiting for one to reveal the price so they can undercut the other, leaving gamers to still wonder how much their wallets are going to hurt when November rolls around.

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