Microsoft Xbox 360 Outsells Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3

By Tom | | 630 |

Sales within the video-game industry are expected to rise significantly in the final quarter of 2010, when both Microsoft and Sony are expected to release motion-sensing add-on products to their respective consoles.

Microsoft’s Kinect, which is scheduled for release in early November in the US, is the more highly-anticipated of the two devices. It contains a camera and both audio motion-sensing technology to track movement from the human body. Both the  Wii and upcoming PS3 systems require users to hold a device for the respective systems to read.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 topped console sales in July for the first time in nearly three years, as the video-game industry as a whole saw sales slip 1%, a market research firm said.

Microsoft’s introduction of a thinner Xbox 360 drove sales to 443,500 units in July, easily accounting for the Nintendo Wii and, also, Sony’s PlayStation 3, The NPD Group said in releasing its monthly report late Thursday. The last time the Xbox 360 held the top slot was in late 2007, when sales were driven by the launch of “Halo 3,”.

Sales of video-game hardware as a whole, which includes the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS portable, rose 12% from the same month a year ago. Besides the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 also saw a “significant” increase in sales compared to 12 months previous.

Industry sales, including hardware, software and accessories, dipped 1% from a year. Not included in the industry number are PC games, which saw a 103% increase in dollars from a year ago, mainly due to the success of a single game, “Starcraft II.”

Earlier in the year, Blizzard Entertainment released the game and sold 721,000 units of “Starcraft II”  in the month.

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