Microsoft brings Xbox live to the Windows Phone 7

By On 10th September, 2010

Microsoft has informed us that a dedicated group inside of Microsoft Game Studios will develop video games for Windows phones, which will help outside game publishers and independent game makers. The new move is described as an attempt to capitalize on the success of the Xbox 360 as Microsoft tries to compete with Apple’s iPhone.

The new game features in Windows Phone 7 will allow the users to check out new games, keep track of scores, send messages to fellow players and interact with their animated game, World Avatar, a cartoon character customized to look like the user. Microsoft is also hoping that Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 devices might get a boost from the upcoming launch of Kinect, a motion-sensing game controller for the Xbox 360. Windows Phone 7 will have games like Halo Waypoint, Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst and Guitar Hero 5

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