Metro Exodus Xbox One X bundle on its way

Happy 2019 CD blog readers! We're back, ready to ring in what promises to be a massive new year of games.

Kicking us off is the news that we'll be getting a special Xbox One X tie-in bundle with the launch of Metro Exodus on February 15th. Metro Exodus is the third game of the Metro series, with the first two games having been released on the last generation of consoles. Metro Redux, released in 2014, was a remastered package featuring the first two games for the Xbox One and PS4.

The first two games in the series were well received, being praised for their story, rich characters and immersive, atmospheric world. With almost six years passing since the last new entry in the Metro series, there's been excitement to see what the knowledge of the current hardware capability will enable the developers to do with the Metro Exodus.

Fittingly, Metro Exodus is getting a bundle that pairs it with the the most powerful console hardware on the market at the moment; the Xbox One X. For big fans of the series, this bundle is the ideal way to experience what the Metro team have dreamt up.

The bundle will come with the standard black Xbox One X and controller, with no alternate colours announced and apparently no bundle coming to the Xbox One S (if rumours are to be believed, this could be because Microsoft are on the verge of announcing a new discless One S model).

However, Microsoft have been setting the bar high with their recent bundles, and despite the lack of special edition console, this bundle does come with some nice extras. Its official name - the 'Metro Saga' bundle - hints that as well as including Metro Exodus, players will also get Metro Redux (which itself is two games within one package). It also comes with the standard 1 month free trials of Xbox Live (to play online) and Xbox Game Pass.

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