The Mass Effect 3 Review – XBOX 360/PS3/PC

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The Mass Effect Series has got to be one of the greatest in the history of Sci-Fi Games. The third installment was released last week and I have already managed to rack up 10 hours worth of play time and would of put plenty more in if only the day was longer! I have been very impressed so far with Mass Effect 3 although the jump from 2 to 3 was not like the Warp from 1 to 2 where the game was completely redefined and brought thousands more gamers to the Mass Effect franchise. However it still feels like a new game with plenty of improvements, additional features and of course a new fully immersive story.ME3 continues the story of Commander Shepard and his Normandy crew out to save the galaxy from the

ME3 continues the story of Commander Shepard and his Normandy crew out to save the galaxy from the reapers. Many of your previous choices from the earlier games come into play and it is a truly remarkable feat for the number of paths that you can take to virtually write your own story.

The Cinematic scenes in Mass Effect 3 are the most impressive thus far and I often found myself forgetting I was playing a game and leaning back in my chair to take it all in. The brutality of the reapers and there technological achievements is portrayed brilliantly and make you want to play more and more.

The Combat system is much the same as the second mass effect with an over the shoulder camera view, a choice of two companions which are usually selected at the start of a mission. Their is a great number of weapons to find and mods that you can add to your weapons to suit you.

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