Mario Party and Joy-Con multipack launching next month

In amidst the flurry of bundle related news of the past couple of weeks, a few things slipped through the cracks on the Console Deals blog. One of the more interesting pieces of news is that Nintendo are celebrating the latest entry into their beloved Mario Party series with a new special pack.

Mario Party has, over the years, become synonymous with chaotic, multiplayer fun. And unlike so many games of yesteryear, it's never really updated that image to keep pace with the online age. While other games like Mario Kart are now huge online hits, Mario Party still has the feeling of a game that's best enjoyed with your opponents sat in the same room.

So it's appropriate then that when Super Mario Party launches early next month, there will also be a bundle that includes the game and a couple of extra Joy-Cons.

Of course, one of the many brilliant features of the Nintendo Switch's innovative design is that the Joy-Con pair that come with the console as standard can be flipped on their side and used separately. This means the extra pair you get as part of the Mario Party bundle effectively function as a third and fourth controller.

You won't need to worry about mixing up your controllers either, unless you managed to nab one of the Splatoon 2 bundles before they quickly sold out last year. The Joy-Cons that come with the Mario bundle are neon green and neon pink, so you'll never lose track of which belongs to which player.

No price has been issued yet. Super Mario Party will RRP at the standard £49.99, while a pair of Joy-Cons typically costs £79.99. It seems unlikely the price for the bundle could be as low as £100, but perhaps £110 is feasible, making it a good deal for those in the market for Joy-Cons and the game.

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