Mario Kart for Wii U – 8 Days to E3

By Tom | | 1055 |

Whilst Nintendo have said they will not be staging a full blown major press conference at E3, they will be holding a series of smaller events, showing off there individual games in bite size chunks. Perhaps this manor of presentation will work better for them, as they haven’t really got a lot of big announcing to do, just lots of upcoming games to show off. But they will also be holding a special Nintendo Direct presentation on the 10th, the day before E3 begins.

This will be the eighth instalment of a stand alone Mario Kart game. With the entire franchise having solid over 50 million copies, what else can Nintendo bring the Mario Kart in the Wii U version? Details are currently very few, with little info known about what we can expect. Of course it’s going to be the first Mario Kart in HD, so visuals such look much more crisp and environments even more colourful.

There is also the Nintendo Wii U tablet to think about, we’ve yet to see anything absolutely mind blowing and innovative to come out of the tablet, a few maps and inventory displays perhaps, but nothing that has really wow’d. Back in 2011 Mario Kart producer Hideko Konno said that fans should expect Mario Kart Wii U to “Use the console’s Unique functions.”
I will be disappointed to see if the wii u gamepad screen is just a map; perhaps some sort of swiping your finger over the screen to throw bananas and shells would be good fun! Of course the Tablet itself is set up to be a sort of steering wheel already with its gyroscopic capabilities.

More Mario Mayhem

There was also confirmation in January for a brand new 3D Mario game that will most likely debut at Nintendo Direct E3 and will also be playable at E3. From the same team that developer Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D Land.

Make sure to check back here on June 10th as we will be covering the Nintendo Direct event here and also on our Twitter and Facebook. What games are you looking forward to seeing at E3, and what features would you like to see in Mario Kart Wii U?