Latest Limited Edition Xbox 360 Bundles

By Tom Stowe

This week we have been treated with a glimpse of not just one, but two limited edition Xbox 360 consoles!

Microsoft are working hard towards the release of Halo 4, the third "true" sequel to the halo series but is in fact the eighth title to be released since the first in 2001. Halo 4 is set to be released this year in December, and Microsoft has worked there design magic on a limited edition 320GB Halo 4 console. It features a metallic looking finish with a splash of alien blue, looking like the futuristic weapons and gadgets that player will be getting there hands dirt with in Halo 4.

The Xbox 360 Bundle Includes the Custom 320GB Console, 2 x matching controllers that share a similar design, A Xbox 360 live headset ( for griefing your mates ), a copy of Halo 4 and also some extra downloadable content including armour packs, limited edition weapon skins. The best feature though, is the custom Halo sound effects when you open the disc drive! check it out:

There was a sneak peek at another console at comic-con this week, Game of thrones showed off a special edition Xbox 360! Although the only thing we really got about it was a picture of the console and its controller:

Looks pretty sweet though! make sure to check back soon and we will keep you up updated on the release dates and any special deals on these consoles and more!

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