Kinect Star Wars April Release

By Tom | | 572 |


Definitely one of the most anticipated games for Microsofts motion sensor “Kinect” is Kinect Star Wars. Although we have not seen a great deal from the developers of the game, it’s estimated are for an April release.

The Kinect Definitely has the potential to produce a brilliant interactive star wars game with its no controller motion sensor capabilities it is the perfect match for a light sabre wielding Game. Where can swing your arms and jump around the living room like a Jedi or even a Sith! Since the launch of the Kinect it has sold millions of units and was a much bigger success than originally predicted.

The latest glimpse we got at the star wars project was at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas where they showed off a new pod racing event. It was very similar to the old Pod racer arcade games or the Nintendo 64 version but only in the sense of gameplay, e.g. a lap around the Tattooine track that whiny Anakin racers round in episode one.

But that is where the similarities end, the visuals for Kinect Star wars are very impressive and the much more intense and detailed environment with fellow pod racing exploding and sand people trying to snipe you with blasters. Remember this has the potential to be played in 720p 3D and the results are stunning, combined with the pod racer steering controls, where you hold your hands out in front of you and bend your elbows back and forth to steer you it is incredibly immersive.

While that is all we have really seen of Star Wars Kinect since the poor demo that was showed at E3 last year, our minds have been put at ease a little with this much more impressive demo.

For the release of this game Microsoft have announced a brilliant limited edition Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Star Wars Edition and it looks absolutely great. The console itself being R2D2 and controller C3P0 its a must have for any star wars fanatic!