Is Xbox One or PS4 top of your Christmas list?

By Tom Stowe

This month we were pleased to team up with website on a survey of over 8,000 parents to find out what children are asking for this year – and whether the highly-anticipated Xbox One and PS4 had made it to the top of their lists.

We found that 1 in 6 children want either a games console or game more than anything else this Christmas, which is no doubt due to the recent release of the consoles. The full results were as follows:

What do your children want the MOST for Christmas?

  • Toys – 22.5%
  • Dolls / Action figures – 6.01%
  • Video games – 6.51%
  • Games consoles – 8.71%
  • Puzzles – 1.78%
  • Books – 6.68%
  • Clothes – 11.68%
  • Money – 13.37%
  • Vouchers – 0.93%
  • Nothing in particular – 22.08%

But parents that did not pre-order the consoles are likely to struggle to get one before Christmas as both are widely sold out. Unfortunately, with the consoles at the top of many Christmas lists – admittedly not just children’s – there may be some disappointment on Christmas morning.

But as you know, neither the Xbox One nor PS4 come cheap (nor do the games for that matter), so we also asked parents whether they had any concerns about children’s expensive Christmas lists. Just over half said their children would be happy with ‘small, inexpensive gifts’, while around a third said they were ‘a little worried’ and almost a sixth were 'very worried' about disappointing their children.

Do you worry that children expect more and more expensive gifts for Christmas?

  • No – my children are happy with small, inexpensive gifts – 51.33%
  • A little worried – I don’t want them to feel left out if their friends receive expensive gifts – 34.25%
  • Very worried – I know they’ll be disappointed if they don’t get the items on their Christmas list – 14.42%

Perhaps related to this, some parents are paying for Christmas on credit card or even taking out a loan to cover the costs:

How are you going to pay for Christmas this year?

  • Cash – 56.65%
  • Savings – 13.22%
  • Credit card – 15.40%
  • Loan – 2.44%
  • Not celebrating Christmas – 12.29%

If you have your heart set on buying a games console or game, the good news is that prices are likely to come down in the New Year after the Christmas rush. Check back regularly for the latest deals.

Whatever you're asking for this year, we wish all of our visitors a very happy Christmas!!