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Is Amazon readying an Android powered games console?

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Rumours are rife on the internet today that Amazon is preparing to enter the games console market, supposedly running on a redefined version of their already customised Kindle Fire operating system.

Sources at Game Informer also suggest that we might be able to get hold of the console before December, as Amazon push for a Black Friday release date – a week that see’s them already dominate the online retail industry as it is.

The Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD already have an impressive library of Android Titles, which should help bolster the fledgling console at launch. Amazon are also not afraid of dangling a carrot or two, seeing as they already offer a free app – be it a game, productivity app, book – each day which would no doubt go down well with Android fans.

Reports are also suggesting that, much like the Ouya, Amazon’s console will ship with it’s own controller. Lets just hope it’s better than the Ouya’s offering, which felt a little cheap and unresponsive to use in our own tests.

Amazon’s entry in to the market could indeed boost sales of the Ouya itself, if it encourages more developers to create for the Android eco-system.

More as it develops.

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Nick Pateman
Nick Pateman

I guess with the only real console options being hugely expensive this year it makes sense to come in at a very low price point to grab those feeling left out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they released something around the £100 mark – these guys love loss leading!


We think they might have to, Nick! Whilst the Ouya hasn’t been an overly successful entrant to the casual games console market, Amazon will surely not want to price themselves too far apart from their main competitor.