The Hyperspace Special Edition is a new Xbox One X console that’s exclusive to GAME

UK retailer GAME has revealed a brand new limited edition variant of the souped-up Xbox One X console, seemingly without any fanfare or official word from Microsoft. Known simply as the ‘Hyperspace Special Edition’, the new Xbox One X features a simple yet elegant design, resembling that of stylish painted dots randomly splash across the console’s white top. It’s exclusive to GAME, will arrive on September 6th, and is available to pre-order now for £449.99.

Of course, a reason for so little press surrounding the Hyperspace Special Edition Xbox One X could be last week’s announcements of the Gears 5 version. Still, that’s no reason to overlook what is a very cool and subtle design that might suit potential Xbox players craving those 4K console visuals. Each of the featured splashes are graded purple to blue, which can also be seen on the special edition’s accompanying controller’s D-pad. The otherwise white controller’s face buttons also boast the attractive purple tone. Lovely!

The Xbox One X Hyperspace Special Edition console is set for release this September 6th, ready to add a touch of colour to any player’s gaming set up. If that player might be you then why not go ahead and pre-order now? £449.99 is the standard RRP for an Xbox One X and there’s no telling for how much longer this stealth-released Microsoft console might stay in stock.

Xbox One X hyperspace edition boxed

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