HMV PS3 250 GB Console Deal

By Tom Stowe

HMV PS3 250GB Deal

HMV have a great offer available on the PS3 slim this Christmas.

The Playstation 3 Slim 250GB will be a popular choice among buyers this Christmas, there is a fantastic range of games currently available and a solid selection of upcoming games. The Playstation 3 is available in three different versions: The classic 80GB, The Slim 120GB and the Slim 250GB. The only real difference is hard drive space and the looks, the classic console is a little more bulky compared to the updated slim version.

The HMV offer currently available is for the PS3 250 GB version and includes Uncharted 2 with a choice of either FIFA 10 or Need for Speed Shift. This bundle is available from £284.99!

Its a great offer and the choice is there for either FIFA 10 or Need for Speed Shift, its great how HMV give you the choice depending on your preferred game!

Click the link below to take advantage of this great deal...

Click here to view this amazing offer at HMV

Click here to view's current PS3 Slim 250GB Bundles

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