HMV Heroic XBOX 360 250GB Bundle!

By Tom | | 777 |

HMV have got a brilliant XBOX 360 Deal on offer and if your in the market for an XBOX 360 250GB then this is a definite recommendation! The bundle includes the latest XBOX 360 250GB console – the number one selling console this Christmas, and a whopping FIVE games thrown in to sweeten the deal!
So here is what you get!

So an Xbox 360 250GB , Forza 4, Battlefield 3, Need for Speed the Run, Fifa 12 and Gears of War 3! If by some miracle you did manage to miss all these jaw dropping games because you don’t have an XBOX 360 then now is the time to buy one and be entertained for months! This is brilliant value for money, an 250GB Xbox costing around £200 alone and each game individually priced at around £40 you would be definitely making a sound investment! Just click the picture or head over to our Xbox 360 Deals page to compare the prices of lots more deals!