HITMAN Second Elusive Target will appear Friday 27th of May

By Ben Malkin | | 1466 |

Follow on from the success of HITMAN’s first Elusive Target, who appeared on Friday 13th May, the second target will enter in-game on Friday 27th May.

Intel tells us that the target, known only as ‘The Congressman’, is set to visit Sapienza (the target will not be available if you don’t have this location) and it is there he will meet his fate.

Only 53% of assassins managed to eliminate the first Elusive Target, ‘The Forger’ Sergei Larin.

First Elusive Target Stats

What are Elusive Targets?

Elusive Targets are a new mode in Hitman where you must assassinate an unmarked target in a specific time-frame. You will only ever get one chance at the target; if you die or the target escapes then that’s it.

There are rules surrounding Elusive Targets; they will never appear in instinct mode or on the mini-map, you have to find them for yourself.

This sense of permanence dramatically ups the stakes and will give veterans and newbies alike a unique challenge.

Good luck Agent 47.

Were you one of the 53% that managed to eliminate the first Elusive Target? Will you be taking part in the hunt for The Congressman? Let us know how you do!

Ben Malkin