Highlights of Day 0 E3

By Tom Stowe


One of our favourite times of the year in the video games industry is upon us and the hype train has pulled into reveal station. Day 0 consisted of press conferences from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony. Lets take a look at the highlights from each one:


Microsoft started off with a smack in the face by showing off Halo 4, developed by a different studio than the previous Halo's, 343 Industries, the franchise seems to have been given a injection of life. Halo 4 Showed off some incredible visuals, a new enemy threat and a thrilling fast paced shooter. 

The next game on show was Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The never ageing Sam Fisher is back but instead of a silent assassins his now an all action bad ass. Taking the mark and execute from the last game and making the action sequences outrageous. Stealth kills earn your the Mark and Execute ability so some stealth mechanics are still required.

My favourite game of the show so far was the South Park: The Stick of Truth. The game is designed to look "crappy" just like an episode of southpark, and allows you to create your own south park character. Matt and Trey from the South park studio were brilliant and unlike the other presenter didn't have a teleprompter so sounded natural and it made for a much more interesting presentation. ">South park:Stick of Truth Demo

The last highlight was the Forza Horizon game, a short demo that only a little was said about but this time Forza is on the open roads and includes off road racing too, much more like a dirt/burnout cross over with day/night cycles. ">Forza: Horizon Demo

Lastly Microsoft unveiled Xbox "Smart Glass" which acts as a second screen that displays maps, inventories on games and other interactive features. It will be available on the new Windows 8 tablet, Iphone and Ipad and other android devices surprisingly!


EA showed off 10 Games from 10 different developers, some old, some new, some failing (SWTOR). There announcements included Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, with Co-op, Battlefield Premium; A paid for service that gives you all the upcoming DLC and extras, FIFA, Madden, Medal of Honor Warfighter, SWTOR players be able to play up to level 15 for free, Simcity, Simcity Social, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. EA's press conference wasn't really a strong one although Crysis 3 looks interesting in its new urban jungle environment and Need for Speed in its new open world landscape did look very appealing.


Many people praised Ubisofts E3 conference and said it was the strongest out of the 5 majors. Showing off the latest Assassins Creed game where the new assassin "Connor" is basically causing havoc in the British ranks much to the glee of many of the host nation attendees. After Assassins Creed two I was completely bummed out from the series but I think 3 might be a good time to jump back in. However the controversial Naval combat sequence was underwhelming and felt like a last minute mechanic put in to change things up a little.

The Far Cry 3 demo was as beautiful and action packed as ever, especially as the opening was a pair of exposed polygon breasts. Compared to the Far Cry 3 Demo we saw at last years E3 it was completely different and the lush jungle looked ace. (Viewer discretion is advised :) )

Some of the other games featured were Rayman Legends that was played on the new Nintendo Wii U, which displayed some of the extended features that can be used when playing on the tablet. Also a slightly unimpressive ZombiU trailer which looked like a generic zombie shooter.

One of the biggest surprises came at the end of the show with a new IP "Watch Dogs". A Deus Ex styled game where a high tech hacking gadget is used by the main character it looks very interesting there not much to say about it but watch the trailer!


Sony I thought had an incredibly strong line up with a couple of new IP's that got me really excited and I'm sure some of yourselves too!
First up was David Cage's - Beyond: Two Souls demo from Quantic Dreams was breath taking, A supernatural girl, voiced by "Ellen Page" being hunted by an armed force. Beyond: Two Souls Demo

Playstation All Stars make its appearance then, a Super Smash Bro style game with Sony character and Nathan Drake and Mr Bubbles (big daddy from bioshock) were announced as being part of the All Stars Line Up

A brand new IP called "The Last of Us" was what really stole the show for many people and definitely myself. A combination of Survival, Gritty Combat, and Immersive game play that showed Naughty Dog are continuing to Excel at epic story telling. The struggle of two characters fighting was so impressive it felt really refreshing to see something brand new.

That's the highlights of Day 0 pretty much rounded up! It was overall a great day with a surprising number of brand new IP's which is always exciting! Lets us know your thoughts on this years E3!

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