Heed the Call of Duty!

By Tom | | 829 |

5 days left until the massive launch of the brand new Call of Duty modern warfare 3 game! From the Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games development teams its shaping up to be one of the best in the series!

Whats new?

Modern warfare 3 is packed full of new features such as the Elite online service, weapon proficiencies, new maps, new guns, A new survival mode and a brand new campaign mode guaranteed to pin you in your gaming chair!


There are two options to choose from “Free” which comes included in the price of the game, or premium which is estimated to cost around £30. For the “Free” package user will get access to there own and others career player profile to compare stats and trends. Create-a-Class online to use when you log into the game. Join public groups and Private clans, HD Video Sharing, Elite mobile Apps only where you can connect with your friends and meet new people who wish to play like you. Join public groups of players or even create private clans for you and your friends. You will also receive monthly Downloadable content and be able to create class’s online to use in game. Access to HD Video sharing and access to Elite mobile apps. For the Premium subscriber user will recieve in addition to the free content, Monthly Downloadable content, Year round competition with prizes, the ability to level up your clan and gain experience and in-game tags and emblems, Pro strategies and tips and Call of Duty Elite TV!

Weapon Proficiency

Also new to modern warfare 3 is the “weapon proficiency” feature. It is similar to a players rank but it now also implements a weapon rank, where getting kills with weapons levels them up and unlocks upgrades and perks specific to that weapon. Check some of the Weapon proficiency unlocks out.

Survival Mode

A new mode in mw3 where players must fight of increasingly difficult weaves of enemies to earn XP and expand your arsenal of weapons and load out customization. Their is no winning on this game mode much like nazi zombie from activision’s COD games where currency is earned by killing enemies.

Available on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS there is definitely going to be some outstanding bundles and deals including Modern Warfare 3 so make sure to check out the deals pages for your desired console!