Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 – 7 Days to E3

By Tom | | 943 |

Only a week to go folks! A couple of weeks ago Gran Tursimo 6 was finally, officially announced and will be coming out this year. When it comes to racing sims the Gran Turismo series are almost always on the top of people favourite. Having sold over 70 million units and still going strong, there is plenty of reasons for Sony to continue on releasing Gran Turismo games.

Amazingly we haven’t heard of a PS4 Version for Gran Turismo, perhaps we will at E3. So currently Gran Turismo 6 will be released exclusively on PS3. It will have all the Cars and Tracks from Gran Turismo 5, plus an extra 200 new cars, 19 new race courses, a brand new physics engine. But also the team have developed a masterful course creator, so you can challenge your friends to beat your fastest lap on a course that you have created!

In total there is a massive 1200 cars, 33 locations and 71 Course layouts at release. This isn’t everything though, There is a whole bunch of planned downloadable content, and also some secrets that are sure to be announced at E3.

The game was revealed at a special Silverstone event 2 weeks ago, check out the release trailer below: