Gamestation XBOX 360 Arcade Bundle

By Tom | | 1036 |

Gamestation have just launched a cracking XBOX 360 Arcade Bundle.

The deal is bundled with:

  • Xbox 360 Arcade Console with Sega Superstar Tennis Game
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Game
  • Halo Wars Game

What caught our eye about this bundle was the games included with the deal. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare has a fantastic online multiplayer mode and a fantastic single play campaign, ideal for both the hardcore and causal gamer! Halo Wars and Sega Superstar Tennis are also great games. Halo Wars offers more strategic gameplay while Sega Superstar Tennis is a typical family fun sports game! Then theres the price… £169.99! Thats a real bargain consisting of 3 games and the XBOX 360 Console!

Click here to view this great deal at Gamestation.

Gamestation do have several XBOX 360 Arcade Offers at the moment, there are cheaper deals available on their website if your looking for something a little less pricey!

Quick Tip: If you are on a tight budget, we would recommend staying away from the XBOX 360 Elite, the console itself costs a lot more due to the hard disk drive and bundled items.

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