Game Boy and Game Boy Color games coming to Nintendo Switch Online, all but confirmed

We’ve known for a while now that the Nintendo Switch Online game subscription service has been running a little low on new candidates. Currently members can delve into the back catalogue of classic Nintendo games from both the NES and SNES era, but most of the important games from these have been added. How does this selection continue to grow? By winding the clock forward to future Nintendo consoles, of course!

According to reliable sources from both Nintendo Life and now Eurogamer, Nintendo is prepping to add Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to Nintendo Switch Online. This makes a lot of sense considering that this console generation is the next up, but some players may be disappointed that it won’t include titles from the Game Boy Advance era in the weeks leading up to Metroid Dread’s launch. Even still, opening up the rafters to these two portable game eras will substantially increase the value of people’s Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Eurogamer also went onto to say that its sources also suggest that “other retro platforms are also on the cards”. However, no date or any idea of a timeline as to when this might be was given. We still don’t even know exactly when Game Boy and Game Boy colour titles will be added, but the ongoing swirl of rumours seemingly indicates that it could be any day now.

The original Game Boy was an 8-bit handheld console that first released in 1989. Players in the UK and Europe got to experienced its portable delights just a year later, in popular Nintendo games like Super Mario Land, Metroid II: Return of Samus and Kirby’s Dream Land. The Game Boy Color then launched almost a decade later in 1998, bringing with it portable heavyweights like Pokémon Red/Blue, Wario Land II and Mario Tennis.

No date for when games like these will be added has been confirmed, as mentioned, but September 2021 does mark the third anniversary of the Nintendo Switch Online service launching. Could an official announcement be imminent? We hope so as we’re aching to play classic Pokémon on Switch!#

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