Futuristic Call of Duty?

By Tom | | 1015 |

The game Call of duty game is believed to be “Black Ops 2” and it has been suggested that it may well be set in the near future. The official Call of duty Website posted a video link of a FPS Russia video which shows off a futuristic flying RC Drone weapon which was teased for inclusion in the next Call of Duty.

The Next instalment is going to be revealed on the 1st of May at the Basketball Playoffs on TNT, so it is probably going to be one of the most watched basketball matches ever.

A post by the unofficial Modern Warfare 3 twitter account showed off some apparent box art for the next game, which suggested that the release date was on the 13th of November. The box art might just be some fan made art as many people have claimed that its on a standard dvd case, the font is not the same and the lens flare conveniently blocks out the characters face.
But the release date does look like it could be right as the last Call of Duty and black ops were released on the exact same day.

This time it will be available on PS3, XBOX 360, Pc and a special PS Vita version has also been announced. Excited about a new CoD? Or had enough of the franchise? let us know!