Fridays Console Round Up

By Tom | | 790 |

Kinect 2 Rumours

Like most other weeks there is more rumours this week regarding the Xbox 720, A leaked image of “Apparently,” the Kinect 2 developer kit was accidentally released on twitter by a user who is known to have an Xbox 720 developers kit. The Kinect 2 supposedly can see individual fingers and much more detailed outlining, with a much improved 3D mapping than the current Kinect. Here’s the leaked picture: (Real or fake? what do you think?)

Its tough to tell if the image is real or not but according to some people the interface shown in the picture is the same as previously leaked devkit images. But only time will tell!

Games News

Valve released a trailer for the brand new Grid racing game – Grid 2. Call of Duty Black Ops:Declassified will get its big unveiling at next weeks Gamescom, Black Ops:Declassified is the PlayStation Vita version of the game and Nintendo continue to stock up their e shop with a further 2 releases this week Commando: Steel Disaster and Touch Battle Tank 3D.

Hottest Deal

This weeks hottest deal is for a PS3 320GB console that comes free with Move Starter Kit, Additional Dualshock 3 Controller, Gioteck Real Triggers all for £219.99 from Amazon. You can also add selected game for £20 with a choice of Prototype 2, SSX, Lego Batman 2, Spiderman, Battlefield 3, Fifa 12, Mass Effect 3 and more! And also get London 2012 Offical video game for an extra £15!