Is this the first Xbox One X bundle?

By Matt Clough | | 3430 |

While we’ve been getting bundles galore with the One S recently, we’ve so far yet to see an official Xbox One X bundle. The One X launched back at the end of last year as Microsoft’s flagship console, and so far it’s been left to do the talking by itself.

However, early today we spotted a listing on Argos which appears to show a slightly altered Xbox One X box that includes Forza Motorsport 7 within. From the looks of the image, this small decal on the top right is on the box itself, and hasn’t been added onto the image. This suggests a new official bundle.

Unlike most of the One S bundles around at the moment, which feature special edition consoles or at least make a big thing of the game’s box art, the addition of Forza is positioned as a value-add. Forza Motorsport 7 is an obvious choice for the first game to be paired with the One X, with its fully One X Enhanced status meaning it is one of the best showcases of what the most powerful home console ever is capable of.

Forza had been one of the most popular games for retailers to independently pair with the One X, so this bundle seems like a fairly safe bet. What will be interesting to see is how this influences Microsoft’s strategy going forward. Sony held out for quite a while before embracing bundles for their PS4 Pro. With the Pro now retailing for around £150 less than the One X, Microsoft need to make some moves to ensure they aren’t priced out of the market. Bundles are a great place to start.

Matt Clough

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