Did Sony just give us our first look at the PlayStation 5 controller?

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that the gamepad featured in the image is none other than the new SCUF Vantage controller arriving soon for PS4.

Original article below:

Sony made huge waves last week by finally confirming that its next console would be called ‘PlayStation 5’. We know, it’s incredibly shocking. That doesn’t seem to have been enough for the leading console platform, however, as today a new post to PlayStation’s official Instagram account has led to speculation whether we’ve just received our first glimpse of the PS5 controller.

In addition to confirming PlayStation 5’s official name, last week’s WIRED interview also offered a few details about the corresponding Dualshock 5. For instance, we now know that it will feature “haptic feedback to replace the

Dualshock 4’s

‘rumble’ technology found in controllers since the 5th generation of consoles” and that it will include adaptive L2/R2 triggers to offer a range of different resistances depending on your actions. For example, car crashes and football tackles will feel notably different appropriately.

However, as you can see above, PlayStation is making waves again by offering us our first glimpse at what could be the PS5 controller thanks to a recent post on the company’s official Instagram page. The close-up shot seemingly shows the return of the Dualshock 4’s central touchpad, features offset analogue sticks and a true D-pad. The only comment posted with the evocative controller image is “#DarkMode’, but what does it mean?

While it’s possible that this controller could simply be a new elite-level option coming late to the PS4, the amount of mystique surrounding it suggests it’s something more. Surely, the PlayStation 5 controller makes a lot more sense, right? Either way we can’t imagine it’ll be long until we get the full details.

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