How to play FIFA 20 three days ahead of its official launch this Friday

More so than any other video game sports franchise, FIFA 20 looks set to be a particularly enormous runaway success. Featuring new modes, an overhauled ball control system and three separate versions, it’s simply the biggest and best take on the beautiful game we’ve seen yet. It’s coming to everyone on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as soon as this Friday, but there is a way you can get in on the action tomorrow – a remarkable three days early.

Here we’ll detail all the early access options for FIFA 20 available to you, letting you decide whether or not they’re worth the extra hoops you might have to jump through. The truth is that we’re merely days away, but if you want to get a head start in modes such as Volta or the ever-popular Ultimate Team, you needn’t look any further. Here’s how to play FIFA 20 three days ahead of Friday’s release.

Pre-order the Champions edition or Ultimate Edition

The simplest method to kick off early in FIFA 20 is to pre-order one of the prestigious special editions EA is putting out to celebrate the game’s release. Both the Champions Edition (featuring Eden Hazard on the cover) and Ultimate Edition (boasting Zinedine Zidane) both offer players their own respective perks, but one commonality they share is letting players play from September 24th.

Of course, you’ll be paying a tad more than FIFA 20’s standard edition for the privilege, but that slight price hike might prove worth it for some – and does include other bonuses, such as special edition Ultimate Team kits and instant access to Rare Gold player packs. Take a look at the best prices for each edition below and get playing:

FIFA 20 Champions Edition best price:

FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition best price:

Subscribe to EA access

The second way you can get early access to the joys of FIFA 20 is by subscribing to EA Access. This, for those unaware, acts as EA’s dedicated game subscription service, whereby you can play almost the entire gamut of EA’s titles for one annual or monthly price. An EA Access membership is just £3.99 per month on either PS4 or Xbox One, while an annual membership works out as £19.99.

Becoming a subscriber will let you play FIFA 20 early, the only main difference between this option and the other is that you won’t get access to all the exclusive pre-order goodies outlined above. Still, if you want to play FIFA 20 as soon as possible and think you’ll get around to dedicating time to other EA games like Anthem and Titanfall, EA Access is a more than viable option.

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