FIFA 14, the MMORPG Football Sim

By Tom Stowe

With over 1 million games played per day (almost 1 billion - ONE BILLION - played since FIFA 13's 2012 launch), FIFA's Ultimate Team has become one of the franchise most popular game modes. Ultimate Team allows players to relive their schoolboy days, by collecting EA Sports trading cards which come in either purchasable packs or can be traded with other gamers on an in-game card market.

Players then take their belovedly crafted XI in to various league and tournaments against other collectors throughout the world.

As a result of it's popularity, EA have decided to give the game mode a bit of an overhaul for their 2014 update, adding what they're calling "chemistry traits" to each and every player. Chemistry traits will up the realism ante in how certain players in your team integrate and interact with their surrounding team mates. Player your players out of position, alongside other players who don't support their playing style, and watch your group of prima dona fold quicker than Superman on laundry day.


Tweak your individual player's chemistry correctly however, adding traits relevent to their position and your formation, will turn your squad of misfits in to a tour de force or footballing prowess.

EA are still being a little coy on the exact traits we'll see in the finished game, but expect to see the likes of "Anchor" or "Finisher" popping up giving you the ability to boost the performance of a defensive midfielder, or the relationship between your front 2.

FIFA 14 is due for release on the 27th of September, and we'll have a review for you the second it lands.

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