Support your favourite team with your Xbox One Controller

The remainder of 2017 is shaping up to be pretty busy for Microsoft, with the Xbox One X the only new piece of hardware hitting the market during the busy Black Friday/ Holiday and plenty of new games hitting both the new system and the One S, including FIFA 18 and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

To celebrate, Microsoft have made not one but two announcements regarding controllers. Widely regarded as arguably the best controller ever made for a home console, the One's gamepad needed little in refinements, but more cosmetic options are always welcome.

Xbox One green and grey red and black blue tech controllers

Firstly, three new colours of the Xbox One controller will be available as standard. The grey and green is a standard edition that pays homage to the original Xbox's colour schemes. The second controller, the 'Patrol Tech', is a special edition and a member of the tech range of controllers that add additional rubberised grips to the handles. Finally, the 'Volcano Shadow' black and red gradient controller is a follow up to the shadow range released last year.

However, that's not all!

show your colours football themed Xbox One controllers

With the new Premier League season kicking off tonight, Microsoft have launched an initiative in conjunction with their Design Labs project that allows customers to design the look of their own controllers. Specifically inviting fans to 'Show your team colours', the campaign flags up the numerous options available for users to customise controllers to their heart's content.

You can start creating your custom controller today by clicking here.

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