Fallout 4 Mods to Enhance Your Game

By Ben Malkin | | 1233 |

Like other Bethesda game before it, Fallout 4 is a modders paradise. While official mods haven’t yet arrived at the time of writing, it hasn’t stopped the creative community from building all sorts of unique add-ons.

Although these mods won’t add in new stories or locations, there are certainly a number of customisations and enhancements that can add a lot to your game. The team at Console Deals have picked out a couple of our favourites:

Lowered Weapon Mod

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Fallout 4 Lowered Weapon Mod

It may seem a minor change but how was this not included in the game on launch? For those who really immerse themselves into RPG-action games, this little mod will mean your avatar in the wasteland lowers his weapon when not in combat.

Not only does it make the experience more realistic but it frees up valuable screen space.

Settle Anywhere Mod

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Settle Anywhere Fallout 4 Mod

Boston may be a wasteland in Fallout 4 but why should that mean you can’t have a room with a view?

One annoyance of settlement building in Fallout 4 is that you can only build in predefined locations. This clever mod removes that limitation, allowing you to set down a workshop bench anywhere.

Full Dialogue Mod

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Fallout 4 Full Dialogue Mod

It’s difficult for you to really immerse yourself into a role-playing game if you can only select paraphrases of dialogue. Even worse, the paraphrases in Fallout 4 never really make it clear exactly what you are going to say anyway.

Fortunately, this mod can fix that. It will replace the paraphrase dialogue choices with exactly what your character is going to say, meaning you can pick the choice that suits the way you are playing.

Creature Follower Mod

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Creature Follower Fallout 4 Mod

Everybody needs a companion in a post-nuclear armageddon society. Although Fallout 4 does provide some companions, wouldn’t it be so much better to have a radioactive monster by your side?

Fortunately, this mod allows you to pick new companions, including super mutants, deathclaws, wild dogs and synths.

True Storms Mod

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True Storms Fallout 4 Mod

You’d think in a post-apocalyptic world the weather would be a bit more… intense. Unfortunately, in Fallout 4, it all seems a bit washed out.

Thankfully, the true storms mod fixes that. This mod enhances the weather in your game to create more intense rain, lightning, dust storms, acid rain and fog.

Ben Malkin