Every new big game releasing on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in May 2020

With more people being advised to stay at home these days, there’s seemingly no better time to lose yourself with a deep and exciting video game world. Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic has meant that several major 2020 game releases have been delayed – but there’s still plenty of PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch games coming in May worth getting excited about. That’s what we’re hoping to highlight here…

So, whether you’re looking to maintain the survival horror scares following Resident Evil 3 last month or want to fight side-by-side in friends in block form, here’s a brief glimpse at every new big game releasing on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in May 2020.

Daymare 1998: Black Edition (May 1st)

Originally released in 2019 exclusively on PC, Daymare 1998 kicks off the month of May via its souped-up Black Edition set to release on PlayStation 4 this May 1st. A fun fact about Daymare is that it started out life as a fan remake of Resident Evil 2, not too dissimilar to the one release officially by Capcom in January of last year. Unsurprisingly it was eventually forced to drop this likeness, but Daymare still serves as a homage to the classic days of RE – namely through its last 90s setting, emphasis on inventory management and close-quarters gunplay. Keep up the scares when Daymare 1998: Black Edition releases on PS4.

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris (May 22nd)

The Sword Art Online franchise may have started out as a traditional Japanese anime, but the series has since grabbed tight of its gamified influenced to spawn out several video games for itself. The latest arrives on PS4 and Xbox One this May 22nd, with Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris (try saying that when you’re drunk) centring on long-time protagonist Kirito’s journey to yet again break free of the virtual world he finds himself in. Featuring enhanced visuals and all-new companions to fight alongside, don’t deny yourself this chapter into the Sword Art Online saga.

Minecraft Dungeons (May 26th)


We thought we’d already have our hands on Minecraft Dungeons by now, but a late-in-the-day delay saw Microsoft push its release date to May 26th to make for room for some extra polish. Luckily, the wait for this family-friendly take on Diablo-style dungeon crawling looks to be worth it, setting you and up to three friends off on a procedurally generated underground adventure to take down the evil Arch-illager. It’s a new take on the Minecraft format that lets you experience this universe in a new light. Look out for hit hitting Xbox One and PC this May 26th.


Bioshock The Collection (May 29th)

Can we all agree that games are made infinitely better when you can play them on Nintendo Switch? Yes? Good. With that out of the way we can move on to the first of several 2K published games set to arrive on the platform this Mat 29th. Bioshock The Collection packs in Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite into one neat package, letting you play the entirety of this wildly atmospheric immersive sim series either at home or on the go. All three games have never looked better and still play great today, having you explore the underwater depths of Rapture or the sky-high sights of Columbia with more ease than ever before.


Borderlands Legendary Collection (May 29th)

The second shooter collection coming from 2K onto the Nintendo Switch arrives on the exact same day in the form of Borderlands the Legendary Collection. Bundling in the loot-shooting joys of Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel all under one roof, this cell-shaded series is set to feel right at home on Nintendo’s portable platform. What’s more, all three games will come with all previously released DLC, meaning that anyone who picks this up on May 20th can look forward to literally hundreds of hours of co-operative FPS content.


Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (May 29th)

Rounding out what is clearly destined to be a big month for Nintendo is the definitive edition of the original Xenoblade Chronicles. This cult classic RPG is just the latest in a long line of Wii U gems to finally make the jump to Switch, casting players as a young team of adventurers, including Shulk who you might now from Super Smash Bros., who must work together to take down a mechanical menace. Xenoblade Chronicles is all about levelling up your party and exploring beautiful landscapes, bringing down giant monsters in this excellent visual remastering.

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