Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo are your two new Xbox Series X |S controller colours

A month seemingly doesn’t go by without Microsoft making some sort of hardware announcement. Last month it was the forthcoming arrival of the now critically acclaimed Xbox Wireless Headset, and now it’s two more attractive-looking Xbox Series X |S controller colours – again, set to arrive next month. Electric Volt is a highlighter yellow shade while the Daystrike Camo is a militaristic red. Both will retail for the standard Xbox controller RRP, with Electric Volt arriving first on April 27th.

The news comes directly from Microsoft itself via the official Xbox News Wire, where director of product marketing Navin Kumar dubbed both controllers “exciting, visually appealing designs.” Electric Volt continues the early trend of introducing a vibrant singular colour in the vein of Shock Blue and Pulse Red, featuring a plain white back when you turn it around. It’s certainly visually striking, a factor helped even more so by the built-in D-pad which remains as static grey.

Electric Volt is being classified as a standard colourway by Microsoft. The Daystrike Camo option, meanwhile, sits under the “special edition” banner. “It’s the third instalment in our camo series,” Kumar writes, “following the Night Ops Camo and Arctic Camo Special Edition controllers.” It’s also the first camo option to arrive on the latest generation of Xbox controllers. It uses a dark red tone as a base colour and is coated in various brighter red splashes in addition to some that are grey and black. The backplate is also black, but a cool new addition are the textured trigger grips. The Daystrike Camo – Special Edition controller launches worldwide on May 4th.

We here at Console Deals will be sure to update this post as soon as pre-orders for both these new controller colours go live. Expect to see them listed at major UK retailers like Amazon, GAME and Currys PC World. And remember, even if you don’t own an Xbox One or Series console you can still use either controller with PC.

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