E3 - The Best Bits

By Tom Stowe


E3 has ended, we got to see plenty of exciting games, a few surprises and lots of rivalry between console producers (mainly sony and microsoft). With most people saying how "Sony won the battle" but is that what E3 is about? Which is the best console? What i do like about the new generation of consoles is that they are both very different from one another, the Xbox One to me is more media orientated, with a more family friendly vibe where as the Playstation 4 suggests a hardcore machine with a clever integrated social strategy in place.

We finally got to see the PlayStation 4 console, It struck me just how much smaller the PS4 was in comparison to the Xbox One console. I love how the PlayStation 4 looks, with it's sharp corners, angled body and it's dual layers, definitely not the plain boring box which they said it was back when they announced the console. Sony made certain to push the facts that the PlayStation 4 supported used games with no additional fees and that it required no DRM. For many gamers however this isn't a problem, most are always connected to an internet connection, there are many that dont buy used games or lend to others.

The Games

E3 for me is all about the games, seeing new IP's, catching up with games that we have seen from previous E3 events and seeing how they are getting on. So here are a few of my highlights:


When I saw this for the first time last year, I couldn't wait to get to see more. Luckily, we got to see plenty of gameplay action in LA last week. In a CVG ratings poll Watch Dogs came first in favourite game from E3.

You play as a hacker, Aiden Pierce, with control over a near future Chicago city, which is run by a single Network know as CityOS that not only supports the population but has evolved into a secretive surveillance and control programme. Like a futuristic Assassins Creed with plenty of close combat, Parkour, driving and the most kick ass smart phone ever, Watch Dogs looks set to be one of the big games of the year

The game will be coming our for PC, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 but also on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Division

Another from Ubisoft, though we wasn't expecting anything quite like this. When this first popped up on the huge screens, i thought just how darn good it looked. And when we actually got to see the team playing through a small scenario, I was throwing my money at my screen.

The division was billed as a groundbreaking online, Open-World Action RPG and takes places in New York city three weeks after a deadly virus released on Black Friday was swept through the city causing chaos.

Tom Clancy's The division will be released in 2014 for Xbox One and PS4.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 showed off it's breath taking visuals, destructible environments & team based play style on a huge 64 player Conquest battle on the map Siege of Shanghai. The return of commander mode from Bad Company 2 lets a player sit in the hot seat and support the team from a safe distance away, by launching missile attacks, giving squad orders and dropping radar scans onto the map. The Commander mode can be played from either console, PC and even a tablet.

Battlefield 4 is set to be released on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. with the PS4 and Xbox One set to be running at a constant 60 frames per second (something console gamers wont have experienced before).

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What were you highlights from This years E3? It was one hell of a show!