E3 2015: PS4 Raises the Dead with FFVII, Last Guardian & Shenmue 3 Revealed

By Tom Stowe

Sony’s been on a roll with gamers ever since they announced the PlayStation 4. It’s as if the company has developed an ability to tap into what gamers really want – and then deliver it. That’s pretty much what happened at the PlayStation E3 EXPERIENCE on Monday, where three incredible blasts from the past got the whole gaming world excited.

The holy trinity rises

For the past few years, in the days leading up to E3, wishful-thinking gamers have murmured their hopes for three games to appear. Three dream titles gamers couldn’t let go of. Three pieces of legendary vapourware/rumourware, which most of us assumed were long-dead or just not happening.

At E3 2015, Sony helped to make all three of them real.

The Last Guardian re-emerged from development hell, with a beautiful new trailer and 2016 release date. It’s now on PS4 instead of PS3.

The Final Fantasy VII remake is happening too. Square Enix shared a stunning trailer for the game, which will debut on PS4 and whose story may deviate from the classic original.

And perhaps most ridiculously, Shenmue 3 is alive. The creator of the open-world 3D adventure series, Yu Suzuki, launched a $2 million Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded less than 24 hours later. It later emerged Sony will also be funding development for the PS4/PC title.

PS4 gets a DLNA media player


The PS4 console itself got a boost just before the conference, with the announcement of free new DLNA media playing features. PS4 owners can now play music and show photos on their TV via the console, as well as playing a wide range of video formats (including MKV, AVI and MP4).

PS3 has had media streaming abilities for years, so it’s great to see PS4 reach parity with its older brother. A PS4 system update that includes the new features is available now.

No 1TB PS4 yet

Following the 1TB Xbox announcement and credible rumours coming out of the FCC, we thought we might hear about a new 1TB PlayStation 4 console at E3. Well, it hasn’t happened yet – but that’s probably because Sony had too much other news to share!

When the new 1TB PS4 is confirmed, we’ll share the details.

Uncharted leads PS4 line-up


The Big Three weren’t the only new PS4 games Sony showed this E3. In fact, there were plenty of arguably bigger titles on parade, like Uncharted 4. Here’s our round-up.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – PlayStation’s flagship action series is back with the usual amazing visuals and third-person gameplay.

Dreams – The new game from Little Big Planet creators Media Molecule looks pretty freaky.

Street Fighter V – Right now it’s looking like a prettier SF4, with no brand-new characters yet revealed. But SF5 (which is somehow a PS4 console exclusive) does at least have new fight systems. It’s coming early 2016.

No Man’s Sky – What’s the actual goal of this one? It’s a little confusing, but we do know the space exploration game (a) really massive and (b) really pretty.

Also on showWorld of Final Fantasy (PS4/Vita FF retrospective), Call of Duty: Black Ops III (PS4 now getting DLC maps first), Disney Infinity 3.0 (PS4 will get the Boba Fett pack first) and a new expansion pack for Destiny called “The Taken King.”

What did you think of Sony’s E3 2015 presentation? Let us know in the comments.

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